Update June 2022 – Back in Germany

After a strong hike with over 1000 heigh meters, we were just about to reach the peak of one of the appealing mountains in Patagonia; Cerro Piltriquitrón. Eric, a friend of mine from the US, accompanied me. Both of us were already exhausted after hiking for hours in the thin air of the Andean Mountains.Continue reading “Update June 2022 – Back in Germany”

A moment in life

November days – dark, wet and cold days… especially in this time of the year I tent to reflect a lot. Ask me questions about life – about my life…. But nobody has the answer, nobody can explain how we got so far in life. But this is how it exactly should be! Exactly thisContinue reading “A moment in life”

No place to go, no place to call home

” Uhhhhh yeah! – We are freeee!!!” Me and my classmates gathered on the small parking lot of our high school. Yes we finally made it, we all finished successfully high school. We lie happily in each other´s arms and just celebrated this moment, which we have waited so long for. The high school inContinue reading “No place to go, no place to call home”