New Zealand here I am

I am so happy and full of joy, on the 25th of October 2022 I finally arrived in Christchurch. After a 30 hours journey, I tried to hitch-hike up north. Unfortunately, was the location in front of the airport somewhat less then perfect… After one hour of of trying, I was cold, tired and jetlagged.Continue reading “New Zealand here I am”

Vlog – Working in the Outback, Western Australia

I went to Western Australia in 2020 and worked for about 2.5 month as a seed collector in the Outback. I show you what I experienced and give you inside of the lonely life in the beautiful remote region 🙂

Vlog – Back in Freiburg, Germany

After my trip to Patagonia, I went back to Germany to spend the summer with my friends and family, write on my thesis and work in the climbing gym. Today I went berry picking in the Black Forest!

Vegan in Argentina?!

I thought it could be not too bad, to travel as a vegan to Argentina. Of course, I knew that this South American country is famous for its high meat consumption and barbecues, but there would be options for vegans, as well…. well this is what I thought… Right at my arrival at the airport,Continue reading “Vegan in Argentina?!”

A moment in life

November days – dark, wet and cold days… especially in this time of the year I tent to reflect a lot. Ask me questions about life – about my life…. But nobody has the answer, nobody can explain how we got so far in life. But this is how it exactly should be! Exactly thisContinue reading “A moment in life”