Kia Ora – Vlog

I just finished my Masters degree (October 2022), and booked the flight to New Zealand. For me, it was clear that I麓ll leave Europe after graduating university. Now the time has come, a big adventure is waiting for me 馃檪 I am really excited and curious of all the experiences, people and places!

New Zealand here I am

I am so happy and full of joy, on the 25th of October 2022 I finally arrived in Christchurch. After a 30 hours journey, I tried to hitch-hike up north. Unfortunately, was the location in front of the airport somewhat less then perfect… After one hour of of trying, I was cold, tired and jetlagged.Continue reading “New Zealand here I am”

Vlog – Working in the Outback, Western Australia

I went to Western Australia in 2020 and worked for about 2.5 month as a seed collector in the Outback. I show you what I experienced and give you inside of the lonely life in the beautiful remote region 馃檪

Vlog – Back in Freiburg, Germany

After my trip to Patagonia, I went back to Germany to spend the summer with my friends and family, write on my thesis and work in the climbing gym. Today I went berry picking in the Black Forest!

With money…

you can buy a house – but not a home. you can buy a clock – but not time. you can buy a bed – but not sleep. you can buy food – but not appetite. you can buy a doctor – but not health. you can buy insurance – but no safety. you canContinue reading “With money…”

Vegan in Argentina?!

I thought it could be not too bad, to travel as a vegan to Argentina. Of course, I knew that this South American country is famous for its high meat consumption and barbecues, but there would be options for vegans, as well…. well this is what I thought… Right at my arrival at the airport,Continue reading “Vegan in Argentina?!”

Vlog – El Chalt茅n, Patagonia

I spend 10 days in El Chalt茅n, did some hiking, mountain running and camping. Join me on my little trip 馃檪 El Chalt茅n Village with 1.627 inhabitants in the Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. It is famous for its scenic mountain range with the peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy. Hiking is aContinue reading “Vlog – El Chalt茅n, Patagonia”

Vlog – El Bols贸n feels like home

For my studies “Environmental Management of Mountain Areas” I moved to the special little hippy town of El Bols贸n in Patagonia, Argentina. After changing the hostel twice, I luckily found the outstanding hostel “La Casita Naranja”. This hostel is outstanding and fits perfectly of you need a place to feel home and welcome! I stayedContinue reading “Vlog – El Bols贸n feels like home”

Vlog – Cerro Piltriquitr贸n El Bolson, Patagonia Argentina

Beautiful and rewarding hike on Cerro Piltriquitr贸n, El Bolson! Must do in Patagonia! It is an easy day trip from El Bols贸n. More information in the video 馃檪 Enjoy!

Update June 2022 – Back in Germany

After a strong hike with over 1000 heigh meters, we were just about to reach the peak of one of the appealing mountains in Patagonia; Cerro Piltriquitr贸n. Eric, a friend of mine from the US, accompanied me. Both of us were already exhausted after hiking for hours in the thin air of the Andean Mountains.Continue reading “Update June 2022 – Back in Germany”