Kia Ora – Vlog

I just finished my Masters degree (October 2022), and booked the flight to New Zealand.

For me, it was clear that I麓ll leave Europe after graduating university.

Now the time has come, a big adventure is waiting for me 馃檪

I am really excited and curious of all the experiences, people and places!

New Zealand here I am

I am so happy and full of joy, on the 25th of October 2022 I finally arrived in Christchurch. After a 30 hours journey, I tried to hitch-hike up north. Unfortunately, was the location in front of the airport somewhat less then perfect… After one hour of of trying, I was cold, tired and jetlagged. I decided, that it would be best, to go for one night in the closest hostel and give it another try tomorrow.

I stayed the night in the Jucy Snooze Hostel, near the airport. The hostel is nice and very clean. The beds are in separate little cabins, which gives you the possibility to isolate your self and have some great sleep. I can recommend the hostel for one night if you arrive in Christchurch late of have to catch your flight in the morning. I would not stay there for long term or to explore the city, since it is a bit far from the centre and not really cosy.

I woke up quite early and went for a short morning run to get my stiff body working again, after the long flight. I decided that it would be best to change my hitch-hiking spot, to be more successful this time. I took the bus direction north out of the city. Entering the bus, I just got confirmed, that I truly love the people in New Zealand!

“Hello my little happy camper”, this is how the bus driver welcomed me. He asked me where I want to go, and together we searched for a perfect hitch-hiking spot out of the city. He dropped me out in Woodend. After 5 minutes wait, a car stopped, and Caren, a lovely New Zealand woman picked me up and drove me to Amberly. Here I got picked up by Kian, a really open-minded Scottish worker. He was on the road for work and had to drive up to Murchison, which is about 1 hour drive away from Nelson (my finale destination). Just perfect for me! We talked about working possibilities and visas, sports and the beautiful nature of New Zealand. From Murchison to Richmond, I got a lift from Steve. A spiritual New Zealander, who was living for 30 years in a Christan Community. Love and compassion were the main important things for him in life. He told me, that he and his wife changed their surnames 10 years ago to “love”, which I found just so lovely :). For the 10 minutes drive from Richmond to Nelson, I got a lift from the business manager Len, who just finished work for the day and was on his way home. It was a great contrast, to the other rides I got on this day. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the 10 minutes and was very interested in the different lifestyle he had.

Finally, I made it to Nelson. I already stayed here several times and love the hostel Customhouse, which is next to the harbour. So I went there again, I was very excited, to see Marcus (the owner) and the current guests. As I came in, Marcus gave me a warm welcome, and the feeling to be finally home again.

Vlog – Working in the Outback, Western Australia

I went to Western Australia in 2020 and worked for about 2.5 month as a seed collector in the Outback. I show you what I experienced and give you inside of the lonely life in the beautiful remote region 馃檪

Vlog – Back in Freiburg, Germany

After my trip to Patagonia, I went back to Germany to spend the summer with my friends and family, write on my thesis and work in the climbing gym. Today I went berry picking in the Black Forest!

With money…

you can buy a house – but not a home.

you can buy a clock – but not time.

you can buy a bed – but not sleep.

you can buy food – but not appetite.

you can buy a doctor – but not health.

you can buy insurance – but no safety.

you can buy sex – but no love!

you can buy the world – but no life!

Vegan in Argentina?!

I thought it could be not too bad, to travel as a vegan to Argentina. Of course, I knew that this South American country is famous for its high meat consumption and barbecues, but there would be options for vegans, as well…. well this is what I thought…

Right at my arrival at the airport, I had to face reality… It was almost impossible to get some quick take-away food on my way to the bus station. “Well, okay those are fast food stores, there just getting step by step vegan friendly back home, so it may takes a bit longer over here…” I thought. “In a few hours, I will be in my hostel and check the supermarket for some vegetables…”.

Vegan food in supermarkets

Beside from fruit and vegetables, most of the grocery stores offer only a few “special vegan” things:

  • Oat milk and almond milk (Many times with a lot of artificial flavor and sugar)
  • Vegan ice cream

That’s it… I was really amazed to see, that they offer special vegan ice cream.

What I could not find in most of the stores:

  • Humus
  • Tofu
  • Vegan yogurt
  • Vegan cheese, meat or any other fancy vegan produced food

Home made vegan food

Back in Europe, I prefer anyway less produced food and be used to homemade food. It was not too easy, to get all the needed ingredients. I could not find Tahini to prepare humus. With the offered soy milk, which contained many times sugar, I didn’t want to make my own tofu. Additionally, soy beens were hard to find…I know that sounds a bit pessimistic, I know that I was traveling to another country and don’t have any expectations about the offered vegan food. I just want to share my experience. I mean, it is still possible to stay there as a vegan. It is just not easy 馃槈

To put it in a nutshell, there is a reason why Argentina is famous for its enormous meat consumption. It is not easy to be vegan in this county, but there are some vegan vibes coming and I hope, that in a few years it will be more easy 馃檪

Vlog – El Chalt茅n, Patagonia

I spend 10 days in El Chalt茅n, did some hiking, mountain running and camping. Join me on my little trip 馃檪

El Chalt茅n

Village with 1.627 inhabitants in the Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. It is famous for its scenic mountain range with the peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy. Hiking is a must do to explore the beauty of those landscapes more closely.

The village is very small, mainly consists of hotels and hostels. There are a few campgrounds and 2-3 smaller supermarkets. I could even find a natural food store. Compared to the other supermarkets, they offered fresh and healthy groceries. There are heaps of outdoor stores, in which you can buy or rent hiking and camping equipment, so don’t worry if you don’t bring anything with you.

Be prepared for a bad internet connection and crowded trails in summer. After a few days, I was used to wake up at 5 for mountain running. So when the crowd came, I was already on my way back 馃檪

Vlog – El Bols贸n feels like home

For my studies “Environmental Management of Mountain Areas” I moved to the special little hippy town of El Bols贸n in Patagonia, Argentina. After changing the hostel twice, I luckily found the outstanding hostel “La Casita Naranja”.

This hostel is outstanding and fits perfectly of you need a place to feel home and welcome! I stayed here of and on for more then 3 month and enjoyed every day!!!

El Bols贸n

Is a small unique town in North of Patagonia, on the Argentinean side. It is located in the province R铆o Negro with a elevation of 422 m.a.s.l..


In the heard to the town is a charming artisan market 3 times a week. The special vibe of the city completely comes over on the marked, everything is chilled and graceful. Beautiful unique handcrafts, food and beer can be bought. On Sundays, the marked is jazzed up with music, dancing and acrobatic shows.

El Bols贸n offers a high variety outdoor activities; fishing, trekking, climbing, rafting, camping, mountain biking, and more can be done in close distance to the city:

  • Hiking on Cerro Piltriquitr贸n: Touches the clouds with 2.260m.a.s.l. on the East side of El Bols贸n. More information here!
  • 15km south of El Bols贸n lies Lago Puelo. The Puelo lake is perfect to swim, refresh and chill in the hot summer month. The lake is core of the “Lago Puelo National Park” and surrounded by a magnificent nature. A bus from El Bols贸n to the lakes takes 40-60 minutes and leaves every hour (summer month season).
  • Cajon del Azul; is a famous hiking and camping spot. Easy hikes in a beautiful landscape next to the crystal clear river R铆o Azul.
    Starting point is Wharton, a bus from El Bols贸n goes 3 times a day. Several hiking trails, campground and huts are offered. More about the Cajon del Azul here!

Vlog – Cerro Piltriquitr贸n El Bolson, Patagonia Argentina

Beautiful and rewarding hike on Cerro Piltriquitr贸n, El Bolson! Must do in Patagonia! It is an easy day trip from El Bols贸n. More information in the video 馃檪 Enjoy!

Update June 2022 – Back in Germany

After a strong hike with over 1000 heigh meters, we were just about to reach the peak of one of the appealing mountains in Patagonia; Cerro Piltriquitr贸n. Eric, a friend of mine from the US, accompanied me. Both of us were already exhausted after hiking for hours in the thin air of the Andean Mountains. But then, finally! I could see the summit cross in close distance, only a few steps on crushed loose stones left. I was so excited, it was the best timing we could have, the sun won against the everlasting grey clouds and a milky friendly light shone over the mountain range. Finally, we reached the cross! Sounded by deep abysses, an exceptional view over the untouched nature rewarded us for all the pain and efforts.

All of a sudden, full of excitement and exhaustion, I lost control over my movements. I slipped, fall, and landed right at the corner of a steep edge… “Shit, that was too close!”,. I was shocked. My heart was beating like crazy…. I tried to calm myself down,…
“All good Steffi, all good, don’t freak out, focus and carefully stand up carefully again”. “All good, all good, I said to Eric!” Even if I was unsure about it… I checked myself, just a few scratches on my arms and knees, my right knee sore a bit, but I was optimistic to be able to make my way down from the mountain range. Oh no,… No I saw it, the lens of my GoPro was brocken into small pieces. Okay, I have to accept it, at least I am fine.

If you want to know more about the hike on Cerro Piltriquitr贸n, I just created a short video in my Vlog with the last pictures my GoPro and some more details about the hike. Enjoy 馃檪

… This was the story how I broke my GoPro a few month ago on a hiking trip in Patagonia. After, I decided to slow my activity on Social Media down and enjoy my travels and work in South America.

Mid March I returned to Germany. First, I was unsure about coming back. I thought I could stay in South America and travel around while writing on my master theses. But after a few month of South American hostel live, my motivation and money was not sufficient to finish successfully my theses. I decided, to move back to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, here I could work in a climbing gym stay with a college from work. And now, a few month later, I don’t regret this decision. I just moved in a luxurious giant flat and enjoy working in the gym so much. I also have to say, that I got finally more motivation to do proper sports and take care of my nutrition, I feel so much better in my body right now. ( Blogpost about vegan food in Argentina will come soon 馃槈 ).

Well, so far the update. And now, now I’m searching for what is next. I plan to graduate in November. I just know, that I can’t stay here for long term, even if the job is great and I love living in Freiburg so much…. I have to move on!