Kia Ora – Vlog

I just finished my Masters degree (October 2022), and booked the flight to New Zealand. For me, it was clear that I´ll leave Europe after graduating university. Now the time has come, a big adventure is waiting for me 🙂 I am really excited and curious of all the experiences, people and places!

New Zealand here I am

I am so happy and full of joy, on the 25th of October 2022 I finally arrived in Christchurch. After a 30 hours journey, I tried to hitch-hike up north. Unfortunately, was the location in front of the airport somewhat less then perfect… After one hour of of trying, I was cold, tired and jetlagged.…

Vlog – Back in Freiburg, Germany

After my trip to Patagonia, I went back to Germany to spend the summer with my friends and family, write on my thesis and work in the climbing gym. Today I went berry picking in the Black Forest!


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3 years gap year

After I finished high school in 2016, I didn´t know what to study or to do. I just felt the urge to be free and wanted to explore the world. So I decided to take a gap year – this gap year took 3 years. I experienced completely different cultures, met inspiring people and had eyes-opening moments! Join me on my journey!

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