Life – It´s yours, if you want it!

A few times in life I was pretty close to death. In those moments I felt how precious life is, little flashes deep in myself light up that says: It´s yours if you want it!

Life is short

I don´t know what life is, maybe all of it is just an illusion, a dream. What I know is that life is short and I want to experience all of it! This is why I decide all the time to leave my comfort zone.

Life is beautiful

Life does not bring you a lot of unhappiness, it brings a lot of happiness.
It´s relativ, depends how you handle it.


Leaving my comfort zone and explore the world is one of the important thing to me in life. I have to open up for different cultures, people with other worldviews and diverse lifestyles.
I challenge myself and try to understand and comprehend them all, in order to make sense of the interconnected world.


I´m curious, not just about different people and cultures. I have a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences and International Forestry. Currently I`m on my Masters in Ecological Management of Mountain Areas.


Doing sports in nature is freedom. Mountain biking, trail running, climbing or yoga. The list of my favorite sports is long and I love to try all of them 🙂
I really love my current jobs, working as a Yoga teacher and climbing route setter fells like heaven 😊

Patagonia, Argentina - Winter 2021 to spring 2022

Bolzano, Italy – Summer 2020 to Spring 2021

MonViso, Italy – Summer 2020

New Zealand – 2013 to 2014

Samoa - Spring 2014

Australia 2015 – 2016

South East Asia – Vietnam – Lao – Cambodia – Vietnam – 2016

Camino de Santiago – 2016

Myanmar – 2017

Western Australia – 2018

Norway 2018 to 2019

Biking Nature – Germany, Swiss, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia – Summer 2019

Plitvica Nationalpark – Summer 2019

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