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Project Patagonia

A study trip to Patagonia in 2022

For some fieldwork, I was invited to travel to Patagonia in 2022. Join my trip in this beautiful region!

Discover the world by bike

Biking Nature is a bike journey around the world. In a sustainable way of traveling, I discovered the unique beauty of nature, interviewed different people and organisation and got close to diverse cultures and traditions.

Yoga with Steffi

See how yoga strengthen your body and mind

People around the world

People from all over the world present their own diverse stories. Immerse into different cultures, open up and enter other worldviews!

Be Natures

Information about nature close and sustainable lifestyles. Discover lifehacks which improve your wellbeing!

Schluchsee Boulder

The Schluchsee Boulder project is about the establishment of a sustainable outdoor boulder area in the Black Forest in Germany


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