New Zealand here I am

I am so happy and full of joy, on the 25th of October 2022 I finally arrived in Christchurch. After a 30 hours journey, I tried to hitch-hike up north. Unfortunately, was the location in front of the airport somewhat less then perfect… After one hour of of trying, I was cold, tired and jetlagged. I decided, that it would be best, to go for one night in the closest hostel and give it another try tomorrow.

I stayed the night in the Jucy Snooze Hostel, near the airport. The hostel is nice and very clean. The beds are in separate little cabins, which gives you the possibility to isolate your self and have some great sleep. I can recommend the hostel for one night if you arrive in Christchurch late of have to catch your flight in the morning. I would not stay there for long term or to explore the city, since it is a bit far from the centre and not really cosy.

I woke up quite early and went for a short morning run to get my stiff body working again, after the long flight. I decided that it would be best to change my hitch-hiking spot, to be more successful this time. I took the bus direction north out of the city. Entering the bus, I just got confirmed, that I truly love the people in New Zealand!

“Hello my little happy camper”, this is how the bus driver welcomed me. He asked me where I want to go, and together we searched for a perfect hitch-hiking spot out of the city. He dropped me out in Woodend. After 5 minutes wait, a car stopped, and Caren, a lovely New Zealand woman picked me up and drove me to Amberly. Here I got picked up by Kian, a really open-minded Scottish worker. He was on the road for work and had to drive up to Murchison, which is about 1 hour drive away from Nelson (my finale destination). Just perfect for me! We talked about working possibilities and visas, sports and the beautiful nature of New Zealand. From Murchison to Richmond, I got a lift from Steve. A spiritual New Zealander, who was living for 30 years in a Christan Community. Love and compassion were the main important things for him in life. He told me, that he and his wife changed their surnames 10 years ago to “love”, which I found just so lovely :). For the 10 minutes drive from Richmond to Nelson, I got a lift from the business manager Len, who just finished work for the day and was on his way home. It was a great contrast, to the other rides I got on this day. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the 10 minutes and was very interested in the different lifestyle he had.

Finally, I made it to Nelson. I already stayed here several times and love the hostel Customhouse, which is next to the harbour. So I went there again, I was very excited, to see Marcus (the owner) and the current guests. As I came in, Marcus gave me a warm welcome, and the feeling to be finally home again.


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